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This web site contains sexually explicit material:
  • Anyone can register a user-account for free and use it to browse the website and purchase or rent content with the ability to download movies directly to your hard drive for later offline viewing.
  • It will appear as something like "CCBill.com, 888-5969279, DD * VODCASTENT...", since CCBill is the billing service we use and VODCASTENT is our official name.
  • Yes, billing is handled entirely by CCBill, a third-party payment processor--we never see your credit card or contact info at all. Your transaction will be encrypted and processed safely and securely. And after you cancel, you won't be charged again, ever.
  • You can cancel at any time. Just e-mail us from the email your account is registered to and we'll cancel your account for you.
  • Sometimes non-US customers in particular may have trouble getting their credit-card transaction to be accepted. If you're unable to signup, please email us at support@vodcastent.com with your feedback.
  • This site delivers video via the new HTML5 video format, rather than the old flash-video format. Some very old browsers may not support HTML5 video, in which case you should update your browser to a newer version if possible.
  • If you're experiencing issues with playback, please email us at support@vodcastent.com with your feedback so we can fix the issue.
  • 480p, 720p, and 1080p, though for some older movies 480p or 720p might be the maximum available resolution. You can toggle the movie's resolution as it's playing by pressing the gear icon in the video player bar.
  • You can change them in your user control panel. Just login and press the "account" link at the top of the page.
  • At the login screen, press "Forgot Password". A password-reset e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address, allowing you to change your password.
  • No not really, maybe 1-2 other people. The login-system limits accounts to being accessed by only a small number of IP-addresses, ISPs, countries, and logins per day. Accounts which exceed those limits will be automatically temporarily suspended, to protect your account from being stolen. Too many failed login attempts may also result in your IP-address being temporarily suspended, to prevent hackers from stealing accounts.
  • If your account has been suspended, stolen, or you're unable to login for whatever reason, please e-mail us for help.